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Insuring Against Natural Disasters | All Safe Insurance

Insuring Against Natural Disasters

Homeowners insurance can protect you from many of life’s calamities, but your policy doesn’t shield you from all of the tricks Mother Nature has up her sleeve. In fact, standard policies specifically exclude most natural disasters.
In some areas of the country, where the risk is higher, hurricanes and earthquakes are often exempted. Some policies may cover flooding from rain, but exclude water damage from tidal surges, which can be a far greater threat. Enter disaster insurance, which covers losses sustained from specific catastrophes that traditional homeowners policies avoid.
While supplemental disaster coverage is usually available to at-risk property owners, buying a policy isn’t always a no-brainer. The high premiums and deductibles, and low chance of a disaster actually striking your home, give reason for pause. Before calling your agent consider your risk-tolerance, and conduct your own personal cost-benefit analysis.

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