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Differences Between Condos and Townhouses

Modern home ideas are no longer confined to the conventional single detached houses especially with the advent of high rise living and other urban style housing. In the modern world, condos and town houses are considered great options to answer your housing needs especially in the urban or metropolitan area.

If you are basically interested in purchasing or owning houses under this category, it is imperative that you know the basic features and qualities of your option. Your choice highly depends on the kind of lifestyle and preference you lead. Hence, take a closer look at the salient and distinguishable features of each housing choices for a better and wiser decision.

Condos and town homes basically have varying differences in terms of their sizes and the number of available bedrooms in the premise. The condominium option is normally constructed with two bedrooms the most and most of these high rise living houses are not constructed with a back entrance. There are connected housing units and the difference from townhouses is that the units in condo buildings are much smaller than town homes.

On the other hand, town houses are likewise connected housing units however the size variation is quite distinct. For instance town houses are much bigger housing options since there are up to four bedrooms available within the property. Although these are connected structures, the most obvious and evident difference is the housing size and the bedrooms available.

Other differences in the features of these housing units lie on the civility and community dues. For instance, condominium unit owners are basically obliged to pay additional monthly fees on top of their mortgage or rent in order to cover expenses for the maintenance and upkeep of the community. Although there are a lot of disputes about these additional charges in the condo environment, it is still observed and owners are basically expected to pay their membership fees especially stated in their contract.

Townhouses are primarily compared to apartments due to its single family structure and size variation. Moreover, it could be readily purchased just like condominium units however the townhouse is more preferably purchased because of the expanse of the space or living area. Another distinct feature of this housing unit is that there are no additional charges and fees on top of your rent payment and mortgage for upkeep and maintenance. In this way, the townhouse option is more similar to single family houses.

In making that salient choice which housing options will basically work for you, choose the investment that would make financial sense. You must also closely consider the size and the amount of privacy you need. For instance, townhouses are more amenable if you want more space to yourself compared to limited and smaller areas in the condo units.

Carefully weigh the pros and cons of both housing units and consider the housing needs you have along with your personal preferences and lifestyle. These are effective and helpful criteria on which to base your real property investment that will give you a hundredfold return.

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